It is imperative to the LilSkeeterz vision that no child do without.  10% of the profit of each baby bootie sold will  be donated to the featured organization!  If you have an amazing non-profit that you volunteer with and would like to share your story, email us and we will include it in our list of non-profits for our customers to choose from!  It is our goal to inspire through serving others... lets make it contagious!


March 2018 -Dominican Republic Missions Trip

I had the great privilege to visit the Dominican Republic and work along side Mitch and Debbie who have served as missionaries in the Dominican Republic for over 23 years.  

I joined a group through my church to venture down to the community in La Vega, DR and help in some construction on schools, teach English and host a sports camp for the kids at the schools.  As we served this community and kids my heart was filled with awe of the faith and love that they have for God. To say I was inspired is an understatement.  These children and families are definitely in need of support in building schools and feeding programs as they live with very little. Mitch and Debbie have dedicated their lives to helping this community and their impact is a true legacy.  But the spirit is alive and thriving with hope and praise, something that can be contagious in other communities.  Here is a link to Mitch and Debbie's Missions 

For our first venture LilSkeeterz will be donating 10% of every bootie sold to this organization, and if you are inspired by their work you are welcome to connect with them directly.

If you have an amazing story of serving others please share it with us and we will post it on our social media and website and include it in the list of non-profits to donate to.  

My greatest take away from this trip is the realization that serving others has a ripple effect. It is like a wave that as it grows it impacts more and more peoples lives.  Through my experience my friends and family were inspired by the works in the Dominican Republic. My heart was changed by the incredible people of La Vega and the missionaries serving them. The community in La Vega was touched by us spending some time with them and helping to build their schools and love on their children.  What seemed like a little act of taking a few days off of work to paint, turned into a tidal wave of love. I encourage all of you to do one act of servitude. Have you ever heard that little voice that said smile at the person, pray over that community, volunteer for the organization or donate to the non-profit?  I challenge you that the next time you hear that little voice that you ACT ON IT!!! :) And share your experience with others.

We cant wait to hear about your stories! Email us at God Bless!